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GeForce NOW finally works

GeForce Now finally works in wine but the results differ from user to user.
You need to compile first beafore using :
GeForce Now :
GeForce Now tutorial:

Huge thanks to Kxsz98 (Discord) the author of this fix.
Rogue Company in GFN - Linux :

Would be very helpful if we could add this build into lutris.

There’s zero chance of that happening any time soon.

Also, it’s not playable. GeForceNOW throttles the user’s connection when trying to play in Wine 10X vs Windows, because it thinks you’re connected to a VPN when you’re not (and we don’t know if that’s a cause or a symptom). So far we haven’t been able to find any possible reason why it’s happening, and it’s going to be hard to figure out without some insight from Nvidia as to how they determine your connection quality.

Oh, and the 10X throttle is the best-case scenario. Best-case, you’ll only get 3Mbps in wine when you’d get 30Mbps in Windows on the same connection, and in Wine it looks like an oil painting, it’s completely unplayable (while on Windows it looks as if it’s running on your native hardware). But there are only 3 of us working on it right now, One of us (me) is able to get the “best-case” scenario (10X throttling), while one of us (kxsz) doesn’t have a connection good enough to even bother, and the other has a connection just as good as mine, and yet they can’t even play for more than a minute or so before being kicked for connection issues (and this guy is a Gentoo dev and a C programmer). Two others have tried to help test and they can’t even get it to work at all.

It’s not “working” yet, this solution at least will never be upstreamed or brought into Lutris), but hopefully something better can be figured out.