FPS Counter / GLXOSD with lutris

Hi there,

Is there any way to use GLXOSD (or something els) to show fps while playing some games (not Steamgames)?

Thanks in advance

Got it running using the following Command

WINEDEBUG=fps wine Applicationnane.exe 2>&1 | tee /dev/stderr | grep --line-buffered “fps:” | osd_cat --lines=1 --color=yellow

For me this did not work with Compiz enabled. And I just dont get it, how to integrade it with Lutris.

I tried doing that command as well but couldn’t get it working. For glxosd put it here:

Hi cxf,

I did as you told me here. But when I do this, no game realy starts. Additionally, I cannot open games using the terminal output. Need to fix that aswell.

Could you tell me, which distribution you are running and where you got the glxosd from?

I use Arch Linux and can choose between 2 different versions from the AUR. But only one can be installed, the other one cancels because a dependency is not available for download anymore.


I’m on Ubuntu 17.10 installed it via the ppa. However GLXOSD is no longer being maintained and is probably why it doesn’t work. I can use it on some games but games like Dirt 3 fail to launch.

Also, I asked @strider about adding the ability to use: WINEDEBUG=fps wine Applicationnane.exe 2>&1 | tee /dev/stderr | grep --line-buffered “fps:” | osd_cat --lines=1 --color=yellow and I think it should work once 0.4.15 is out.

Ok thanks a lot for sharing this information.
For me, GLXOSD is not working inside Lutris so I guess I will be waiting the an Update of Lutris.

Just to report, using latest GLXOSD 3.2.2 (this is the latest official developed version) and inputting glxosd in the Command Prefix under the System Options tab, just as shown in the screenshot above, works perfectly to get GLXOSD running in StarCraft 2. So it should work for any other game GLXOSD is compatible with.

Thanks for Your reply here.

GLXOSD seems to be dead. It´s not working with every application so its not realy usable. DXVK does deliver an own osd and Wine itself has an own one. So i decided to not use glxosd.