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Battlefield 4 Punk Buster kicks me

@chillyshackk if I try your solution, I get kicked by punkbuster, if I try @Rakanoza’s, I get kicked by the admin. In both cases I have no ping in-game, and the same ping in every server in the server browser.

Do you need the pb/ folder in the game’s directory?

EDIT: also when I install pbsvc.exe, all tests pass no problem. The problem is only in the game.

Not sure what you have done differently, works fine here just by installing pbsvc. And just in case: Did you try different servers? Official and unofficial ones?

Also: maybe try to install it from the windowed/virtual desktop view. In the configure window for your game check windowed/virtual > Save > start origin > you should have a start button at the bottom left like windows then from there: control panel > add/remove programs. Maybe it makes a difference, maybe not. Worth a try I guess…!

I tried what you suggested but I still have the same problem.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Do you see a real ping next to servers in the server browser? All pings are the same on my end.
  2. Do you see your own ping in-game?
  3. Do you have a pb/ folder in your game directory?


I’ll check again for the ping I don’t remember for bf4, I did not have server ping in bad company 2 so I’ll try to check tonight. I do have a pb folder so pbsv path is Battlefield 4/__Installer/punkbuster/redist/pbsvc.exe

You can also try downloading pbsvc from the official website and replace the one in that folder with the one downloaded:

If all of that fails then I am out of ideas, turn on all possible logs and see if you can find anything, not sure if anything pb related is logged into lutris, maybe your issue is not related to lutris or wine, google for punkbuster issues with bf4 and see if you can find a fix.

I just noticed I installed my game on a NTFS partition, and my origin installation on a ext4 partition. I’m going to install everything on the same ext4 partition and see how that goes.

Yeah it might cause some issues, mine is installed on a ssd, ext4.

@zjeffer you might also want to make sure all games and the programs that are needed to run are on the same disk.

Okay so I reinstalled everything on one ext4 partition.

Still doesn’t work. In a few weeks I’m going to replace my laptop’s HDD for an SSD, maybe it will magically work then.

What distro are you on? Which windows version are you set to in winecfg? Wine version / dxvk version? I’ll test what I can and see what makes a difference.

Arch linux 5.1.9
Wine version 4.9, 64bit, Windows version set to Windows 7 (I’m going to try Windows 10 and report what happens)
DXVK version 1.2.1 (but I noticed 1.2.2 came out today, will test again)

I tested with Windows 10 and version 1.2.2 of DXVK, nothing changed.
I also noticed the game folder wasn’t actually in the wine directories, but outside of it. So Origin still thought the game was on another drive while it was actually on the same partition. I fixed this but no changes.

Good news:

I found that if I install the Windows version of Punkbuster and install punkbuster for BF4 from the standalone pb app (pbsetup.exe), like @Rakanoza said, and also change my wine version to ‘tkg-protonified-3.21-x86-64’ instead of the latest version of wine (4.9), I have a ping in-game. In the server browser, I still get the same ping next to any server, but in-game it’s the correct value. So no more getting kicked with this wine version.

I did notice a slight performance drop with the older version of wine: every 1-5 seconds, I get a stutter that can last up to about a second. I didn’t get this with the latest version of wine.

EDIT: turns out the stuttering was because of thermal throttling. Fixed by lowering maximum CPU frequency.

If I use the latest version of wine + installing standalone punkbuster, I don’t get kicked by punkbuster anymore but a lot of server admins don’t like me having no ping value in-game, kicking me after a minute or two.

What wine version are you using?


I’m facing the same issue of punkbuster kicking me out of the game.

So I first installed “pbsvc.exe” but after it wasn’t working (no ping) I installed “pbsetup.exe” but unfortunately also this doesn’t seem to work as it should and again I got kicked out of the game after 10sec. (no ping).
I also changed the wine version to “tkg-protonified-3.21-x86-64” but still I have no ping in game :frowning:

OS: Ubuntu 18.04 bionic
Install path: Z:\media[USER]\Games\battlefield-1\drive_c\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4
Format: ext4
DXVK: v1.2.2

Would somebody know how I could solve this issue?

Thanks a lot!

@jani86 Did you install the exe’s with lutris’ ‘Run EXE inside wine prefix’ function?

Also, after I installed pbsetup.exe, it created a folder called ‘pb’ in the game’s directory. Do you have this folder?

Right now, i’m using the newer ‘ge-protonified-4.10-x86_64’ version of wine. Maybe this one will work for you. You can add new wine versions on the left in the ‘runners’ section in lutris.

Let me know if this works. I don’t really know what could cause this issue for you.

@zjeffer thanks a lot for your answer!

yes, I installed the “pbsetup.exe” by using the wine prefix and there’s also a folder called “pb” in the game’s directory.
somehow after starting the game a couple of times in a row it worked (with both wine versions 3.21 and 4.10) and also the ping is shown now.

the issue is solved :slight_smile:

PS: what I also did is (this might not be the solution but maybe worth to mention), that I directly linked the executable of the game options to the bf4.exe

“drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/Battlefield 4/bf4.exe”

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Glad it seems to work for you guys, I said I would check some stuff out and never came back hehe

Somehow a couple of weeks ago it stopped showing my ping again (I think after an Origin update).
I’ve tried pretty much everything again but can’t get it to work.

@jani86 does it still work for you?

I also encounter the missing ping problem. Does everyone encounter this problem or is there a fix?

Same issue, no Ping is shown but Punkbuster Service runs.

Same issue here .Arch linux
Amd card rx 590 with mesa drivers . No ping with Nvidia too ?

I have a GTX 1050, but either way I don’t see how a different GPU brand could make a difference.