Argument for Fullscreen?

Hey, so I installed Zoo Tycoon 2 manually (because there isn’t any script for it) and I switched from the default fullscreen to windowed in the game’s options but the windowed mode is tiny so I tried switching back but switching back to fullscreen ‘crashes’ the game sort of. I know there is something you can put in the game arguments to force windowed mode for a game but is there anything that does the opposite and forces fullscreen?
(Game window unfocuses, still shown in my side bar though so not actually closed out. Then the other things on my screen reset to the resolution I assume the game is originally in [eg huuuge] and then the only way to get to anything I can use is to hit escape which makes the small window come back but its just black and the game never comes back. Subsequent game launches open in windowed mode too.

I answered a similar question here.

It involves adding a script in the pre and post launch options of the game. Note that it is still untested.