Adding/integrating linux version of some game stores, launchers and emulators into lutris

:pray:Please don’t ban my lutris account if anything I right below is against rules.

Lutris is a great piece of software. Almost everybody using linux os has this software. And as lutris is open source free to use, it makes lutris gamers choice.
But there is a problem, all tools and features that lutris offers (like gamescope mangohud fsr gui) are lutris specific and some of those can not be used for some third party windows specific launchers like epic, gog, ea, origin, uplay e.t.c which installed on lutris using wine or proton layers.

Also, heroic game launcher open source and free to use is an alternative epic games launcher and gog galaxy, why don’t you integrate heroic game launcher directly into lutris. Then we don’t have to set up and configure everything separately. If heroic game launcher integrated directly into lutris, games from epic and gog will take full advantage of all those tools and features that lutris offers.
If it is impossible to integrate heroic game launcher into lutris for some reason (like it’s against use policy or something else), why don’t you create a script that integrate Linux Heroic games launcher into lutris without installing it on the system. That way we have linux native epic and gog directly into lutris.

Also, steam is a great piece of software. Steam has a linux native launcher which we can install from package manager directly into the system. But Is it possible to integrate steam or some core component of steam into lutris, I don’t think it’s impossible.
There must be a way to create a script that install and integrate Linux Steam (not windows version) directly into lutris without installing steam on the system. Which will again add and let us manage steam games directly into lutris.

One more thing, there are a couple of emulators like dolphin, rpcs3 e.t.c that are open source and free to use. But, there are scripts on lutris that install windows version of those emulators on a specific wine sandbox created by lutris. Why don’t integrate linux version of those emulators directly into lutris?
Or at least create some scripts that let us install and integrate linux version of those emulators directly into lutris.